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This is how the Cows Come Home

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Message to the Herd:
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Boogie's 25th Anniversary
or 23rd, no, maybe the 24th,
will take place March 11th & 12th 2022!

This is it; the last Trail Ride, the Last Roundup, The Last Coming Home of these Cows.

We sure have missed the heard these past two years. Let's gather for one more time!!!

A special two days with the one and only
Jo Thompson Szymanski:
Friday will be a very special afternoon with Jo from 2pm to 5pm. Jo will celebrate her 40 years in the dance world with us. Only problem is she is only 35 so I'm not sure about her numbers :-) We will dance with her and view a very special slideshow

 We have limited the number of dancers to accommodate spacing as best we can.

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