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Winter Break Line Dance Festival
Palm Springs Winter Break 2019
Step Sheets & Choreographers
Anna Maria Prach
Music To My Eyes  (Steel / Ward)
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Oh Me Oh My Oh (Rob Fowler)
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Christopher Gonzalez 
Who's Up All Night (Brandon Zahorsky)
Back In Your Heart  (Christopher Gonzalez)
Dip To The Bass  (Gonzalez / McEnaney)
Jo Thompson Szymanski
Sticking With You  (Burton / Szymanski / Barr) 
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Electric Church  (Barnes / McEnaney)
Just A Phase  (Glover / Whitehouse
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The Bounce  (Blevins / Szymanski)
Off My Feet  (Perron / Szymanski)
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Make It Sweet  (Rachael McEnaney)
Homesick Heart (Maddison Glover)
Martha Ogasawara
Maku-Dona-Rudo  (Cato Larson)
Star Ring Waltz  (Toshiko Kawamoto)
Megan Barsuglia
Big Mouth (Amy Bailey)
Bea Bored  (Barsuglia / Maus)
Mack The Knife (Rachael McEnaney)
Michele Burton
Velvet Elvis (Graham Mitchell)
All I Am Is You  (Julia Wetzel)
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Michael Barr
Ride  (Michael Barr)
Brazilian Soul  (Barr / Burton)
To Love Somebody  (Sarlemijn / Barr)
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These are the dances being taught by the following instructors at the Palm Springs Winter Break 2018
Anna Maria Prach
Sweet Little Lady
Teenage Dreams
Amy Glass
Electric Love
Highs and Lows
Too Young
She Sets The City On Fire
Christopher Gonzalez 
Can't Walk Away
I Want To Spoon
K Is For Kicks
Darren Bailey
Settle It Down
So Tied Up
Got Your Number
Sweet Caroline
Love You More
Lou Ann Schemmel
Michael Barr
Love Me or Leave Me Alone
Hide The Wine
Them Changes
Dancing Like Lovers
It Takes All Kinds
Michele Burton
Double Down Two Step
Lipstick Tango
Pull You Through
Ruben Luna
No Better Love
All Katchi, All Night Long